LOVE Alexis' designs…her pieces are incredibly unique and elegant with the freshness of a well traveled artist's eye.  I'm always looking for interesting jewelry that stands apart.  Cherish my necklaces!

Sela Ward, Actress

I'm always on the hunt for beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces and when I was lead to Alexis, I found exactly what I was looking for.  Alexis' jewelry is not only striking and unique, but it's coupled with such great meaningful tokens from her traveling - I feel like I'm putting on more than a necklace.

Christina Zilber, Founder - Jouer Cosmetics


 “Alexis Von Viragh's collection of jewelry design transforms the unique traditions of carved amulets and various other symbols of devotion into wearable art one can appreciate aesthetically and spiritually.  She carefully chooses each amulet along with complimentary semi precious stones to accompany her ensembles deliberately linked together in bold silver and gold.  Her pieces offer insights to the past while embracing an all-inclusive future.  An optimistic view of our diverse world.”

Dawn Laurel Jones, Photographer


“My necklace from Alexis has barely been off my neck. I receive thousands of compliments—because it is unique, very high quality and seems to set off my outfits and complexion (a big plus at my age). I absolutely adore the two I have and now want them in every color.

If you are looking for something special, truly different and made with flair and incredible design—look no further.“

Nancy Curtin, CIO - Close Brothers



“Imbued with the exotic nature of the Far East, while reflecting urban sophistication, the pieces created by Alexis von Viragh have wide-ranging versatility, perfect for day or evening.  Her one of a kind creations convey her global nature and at the same time the spirit of the individual owner.  For her discerning clientele, each unique piece becomes at once a signature and a wardrobe enhancement, whether casual or formal. In keeping with her creativity, artistic flair and international elan, Alexis' necklaces and bracelets are to be treasured, adorning all who wear them with a touch of mysticism, romance and like Alexis herself, vibrant and impeccable style.”

Charlene Ledbetter, Founder LedbetterStevens Inc.



“In a style that is uniquely her own, Alexis Von Viragh designs whimsical, exotic, one of a kind necklaces from Bangkok. Each necklace is a piece of art; an arrangement of beautiful and bold amulets that elicit wondrous observation. I live in the "art world" and receive compliments whenever I wear a necklace by Alexis. I wear one every day.”

Liza Clymer, Collector



“I have been a collector of Alexis von Viragh's jewelry since inception. I love the synthesis of color and charms. And I love their unique one of a kind appearance. Although I like to consider myself one of her first followers I know there are many equally attached to their beauty and transcendent appearance. It is difficult to have only one or a favorite.”

Christina Forstmann-Giammalva, Philanthropist