Alexis von Viragh


Sought-after for her vibrant and spiritually resonant jewelry, Alexis von Viragh is a former resident of New York, London, Paris and Vienna, currently living in Bangkok and Los Angeles.  A multi-media artist and jewelry designer, Alexis creates one-of-a-kind necklaces of hand-made gold and sterling silver chains adorned with the unique charms she commissions or finds throughout her travels in Asia.  Her pieces are collected by discerning individuals around the world.

“My designs exist because of the spiritual significance of the many people and influences involved in the artistic process. Bonding with Asian artisans and local craftsmen, I am able to create distinctive offerings only because of the symbolism and significance already imbued in the sacred amulets, talismans, and spiritual charms that connect them to the spirit world and which they believe carry particular powers and protect the wearer from harm. These artists hand-make beautiful charms for me, knowing how much I revere their culture and the meaning of the objects they produce.” 

“My passion is to share my work with collectors who relate to the essence of my efforts, appreciating that I am a curator and collaborative designer rather than a jeweler. The entire journey from concept to reality is an experience resonating with the origins of each piece, allowing the owner to feel aligned with something transcendent at every wearing.” 



Boon Ruksah - ‘protect and surround yourself with the good spirits of the world’